Report New Arrivals

From the beginning of The Maryland Horse, breeders were encouraged to submit reports of their foals born to be printed in the publication. Below is a list of foal reports sent in by Maryland breeders, but it should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list of all foals born in Maryland, nor all MD-bred registered horses.

Color Sex M/D foaled Sire Dam Sire of Dam Breeder Mare bred to
Bay Colt 1/4 Great Notion Everlastingsecret Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) Frances Luther  
Bay Filly 1/9 Galawi (IRE) My Mischief Into Mischief Mr. & Mrs. John A. Price Galawi (IRE)
Bay Colt 1/10 Tapit Anna's Bandit Great Notion No Guts No Glory Farm Frosted
Chestnut Filly 1/19 Jimmy Creed Wowwhatabrat Louis Quatorze Wasabi Ventures Stables LLC & Housatonic Bloodstock LLC Blofeld
Bay Colt 1/20 Cloud Computing Dirigo Pioneerof the Nile All The Way Stables LLC Divining Rod
Dark Bay/Brown Filly 1/20 Rock Your World Yesshewill Giant's Causeway Wasabi Ventures Stables LLC, Thomas Johnson, Vandelay Stables LLC, Greenspring Mares LLC Rock Your World
Bay Colt 1/21 Engage Mostly Elvis Peace Rules Maria M. Haire  
Chestnut Colt 1/22 Maximus Mischief Street Waltz Street Cry (IRE) The Stables at Mezza Luna LLC Greatest Honour
Dark Bay/Brown Colt 1/25 Divining Rod Miss Nondescript Mosler Country Life Farm & Miss Nondescript LLC Take Charge Indy
Bay Filly 1/29 Rock Your World Requesting Giant's Causeway Barak Farm Thousand Words
Chestnut Colt 1/30 Friesan Fire Sugar Shack Shackleford James Stevenson  
Dark Bay/Brown Filly 2/2 Irish War Cry Contradance Yes It's True Bell Gable Stable  
Bay Colt 2/2 Classic Empire Eclipticalsrosette Storm Wolf Maria M. Haire  
Bay Filly 2/2 Divining Rod Fifteen Royals Palace Malice Country Life Farm & Fifteen Royals Broodmare LLC  
Bay Colt 2/4 Mo Town My Adeline Girolamo James McIngvale  
Chestnut Colt 2/5 Madefromlucky Samurai Steph Lea SAB Stables Inc.  
Bay Filly 2/6 Frosted Floral Hall Bodemeister Wasabi Ventures Stables LLC, Vandelay Stables LLC, Daniel Summers & Greenspring Mares LLC Greatest Honour
Chestnut Filly 2/6 Volatile Izzadora Bella Hey Chub All The Way Stables LLC  
Bay Filly 2/6 Temple City Tripscar Stroll Barak Farm  
Bay Colt 2/8 Yaupon Make Amends Malibu Moon Country Life Farm & Make Amends LLC Mandaloun
Bay Filly 2/8 Hoppertunity Thirst for Diamond Stay Thirsty Paul F. Neiber & Rosemarie Neiber  
Chestnut Filly 2/10 Divining Rod She's Curly Curlin Carl Lanier  
Dark Bay/Brown Colt 2/11 Take Charge Indy Discatsonthesquare Square Eddie Black Cloud Racing Stable LLC  
Chestnut Filly 2/13 Rainbow Heir Tiz Moi Gemologist New Farm Rainbow Heir
Chestnut Filly 2/13 Paynter Just Desserts Outflanker The Stables at Mezza Luna LLC  
Bay Colt 2/14 Rowayton Dynabee English Channel Gokmen Kaya  
Bay Colt 2/14 Hoppertunity Sunrisebernsteini Bernstein Frances Luther  
Bay Filly 2/14 Editorial Swimmer Rock Slide Wes Carter  
Chestnut Colt 2/15 Maximus Mischief Applaud Medaglia d'Oro The Stables at Mezza Luna LLC Vekoma
Bay Colt 2/17 Astern (AUS) Social Animal Animal Kingdom Lexis Chase  
Bay Filly 2/18 Galawi (IRE) Rosie O'Darlin Wiseman's Ferry David Krasnoff, Filippa Boughton & Jason Cole  
Chestnut Colt 2/19 Divining Rod Eye of Ra Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) Tony & Dawn Bowling  
Chestnut Colt 2/19 Irish War Cry Fast Fionnuala Verrazano SAB Stables Inc.  
Chestnut Colt 2/20 Uncle Lino Just Catty Catienus Sebastiano Ciaccio  
Chestnut Colt 2/22 Divining Rod Love's Legend Not For Love Jerry Knauer  
Bay Colt 2/24 Higher Power Playful Love Tapit Country Life Farm & Guidera McKenney Equine LLC Vino Rosso
Bay Filly 2/24 Mo Town Rules for Us Constitution MCA Racing Stable LLC  
Dark Bay/Brown Filly 2/25 Divining Rod Buyhappy Runhappy James McIngvale  
Bay Colt 2/25 Omaha Beach Assume Candy Ride (ARG) James Loures  
Dark Bay/Brown Filly 2/26 Independence Hall Candystand Candy Ride (ARG) Michael Trombetta  
Chestnut Colt 2/26 Paynter Anydayismyday Afleet Alex Glenangus Farm LLC Corniche
Bay Colt 2/27 Omaha Beach Murmur Arch Glenangus Farm LLC  
Bay Filly 2/27 Irish War Cry Yougottabekitten Kitten's Joy Samotowka Stables Raging Bull
Bay Filly 3/1 Yoshida (JPN) Bekkisdance Dance With Ravens Dr. Ronald Harris Parker Vekoma
Bay Colt 3/3 Flameaway Dynamic War War Chant Roger Simons Jr.  
Chestnut Colt 3/3 Goldencents Ol Sanish Curlin James B. Steele  
Bay Filly 3/3 Hoppertunity Code Name Taurus Bullsbay Erika Neuberg  
Bay Colt 3/4 Code of Honor Gabby's Brown Big Brown Clover Hill Farm Inc. Maximum Security
Bay Filly 3/6 Engage Sweet on Smokey Successful Appeal BB Horses Uncle Lino
Bay Filly 3/6 Gormley Tri Again Creative Cause Maria M. Haire  
Dark Bay/Brown Filly 3/7 Rainbow Heir Forest Funds Forestry New Farm Rainbow Heir
Bay Colt 3/8 Thousand Words Resilient One Hard Spun Barak Farm & Dinos Thoroughbreds LLC Greatest Honour
Chestnut Filly 3/8 Irish War Cry Anotherloveofmine Not For Love Jason Cole  
Chestnut Filly 3/8 Mitole Charm City City Zip Dr. Ronald Harris Parker Flameaway
Chestnut Filly 3/8 Galawi (IRE) Little Laughs Algorithms Joseph Victor Procopio  
Bay Filly 3/12 Eclipticalspraline Fasterthanfast Brethren Mary K. Haire  
Bay Colt 3/12 Mosler Gentle Thoughts Bodemeister Matthew Bright  
Bay Colt 3/12 Engage She Ain't Bad Where's the Ring Sandee D. Martin  
Bay Colt 3/13 Uncle Lino Meow Gio Ponti Paul O'Loughlin  
Chestnut Colt 3/14 Golden Lad Enthroned Empire Maker Jacqueline Vaughn & Jennifer Small  
Dark Bay/Brown Colt 3/17 Juba My Girl Tricksy Hat Trick (JPN) Lee Vosters  
Chestnut Colt 3/18 Engage Rockstar Girl Maclean's Music Dam Sires' Dreams Racing Stables  
Bay Colt 3/19 Engage One More Shoe Giacomo Northview Stallion Station  
Dark Bay/Brown Filly 3/20 War Dancer Judymoon Two Punch Cathy Denelsbeck Bourbon Courage
Bay Filly 3/20 Hit It a Bomb June Ann (IRE) Acclamation Timothy J. Rooney Goldencents
Bay Filly 3/21 Girvin Awesome Dama Corinthian Maria M. Haire  
Bay Filly 3/22 Union Rags Smart Policy Smart Strike Timothy J. Rooney Hard Spun
Bay Filly 3/24 Lost Treasure (IRE) Hickory Made El Padrino Constance L. Smith  
Bay Filly 3/24 Mitole Estival Summer Front The Stables at Mezza Luna LLC Mitole
Bay Filly 3/25 Ghostzapper Peach of a Gal Curlin Glenangus Farm LLC Omaha Beach
Dark Bay/Brown Colt 3/25 Engage Seattle Secret Bodemeister Joan A. Wilson  
Bay Filly 3/26 Golden Lad Imagine a Star Can the Man Flying H Stables LLC  
Dark Bay/Brown Filly 3/27 Cloud Computing Bella Moneta Max's Pal Barak Farm  
Bay Filly 3/27 Neolithic Courageous Julie Pioneerof the Nile Maria M. Haire  
Bay Filly 3/29 Golden Lad Secret Witness Tiznow Horseshoe Valley Equine Center LLC  
Chestnut Colt 3/30 Uncle Lino That's Exciting Neko Bay Beasie Patterson  
Chestnut Colt 3/31 Imagining Casablanca Lily (IRE) Hurricane Run (IRE) Rebecca Beecher & Holly Belt  
Bay Colt 3/31 West Coast Unentangled Not For Love Clover Hill Farm Inc. Golden Lad
Dark Bay/Brown Filly 4/1 Irish War Cry Fifty Nays for Hay Real Estate Louis Carrico  
Dark Bay/Brown Filly 4/2 Mor Spirit Our Curlene Curlin Barak Farm & Sharon Dodgen Practical Joke
Chestnut Filly 4/3 First Mondays Pearly Beach Tiznow Glenangus Farm LLC  
Bay Colt 4/3 Vekoma Striking Bella Smart Strike Timothy J. Rooney Mystic Guide
Dark Bay/Brown Filly 4/3 Goldencents Tunnel Strike English Channel Timothy J. Rooney Frosted
Bay Colt 4/5 Modernist Somethin' Unusual Unusual Heat Louis Carrico  
Chestnut Colt 4/6 Blofeld Sweet Walela Congaree Sweet Spirits Stables LLC  
Bay Filly 4/7 Mucho Macho Man Who Needs Montbrook Clover Hill Racing LLC Mendelssohn
Bay Colt 4/8 Always Dreaming Calla Luna Cape Blanco (IRE) The Stables at Mezza Luna LLC  
Bay Colt 4/10 Rainbow Heir All Flatter Flatter New Farm Rainbow Heir


Galawi (IRE) filly out of My Mischief,
foaled Jan. 9, 2023

Cloud Computing colt out of Dirigo,
foaled Jan. 20, 2023

Rock Your World filly out of Yesshewill,
foaled Jan. 20, 2023

Anna's Bandit colt by Tapit, 
foaled Jan. 10, 2023