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Color Sex M/D foaled Sire Dam Sire of Dam Breeder Mare bred to
Bay Filly 1/11 Hoppertunity Eclipticalrosette Storm Wolf Maria Haire
Bay Colt 1/12 Bolt d'Oro Laura's Moon Malibu Moon Country Life Farm & Mike Stone
Bay Filly 1/12 Great Notion Bearsatlanticmist Stormy Atlantic Jagger Inc. & Super C Racing Inc.  Catalina Cruiser
Chestnut Filly 1/14 Global Campaign Miss Mystique Teuflesberg Country Life Farm & Miss Mystique LLC
Bay Filly 1/15 Thousand Words My Mischief Into Mischief Mr. & Mrs. A. John Price
Bay Filly 1/16 Golden Lad Saints Paynter Paynter Joe Besecker
Bay Colt 1/18 Friesan Fire Madam Alex Not For Love Thornmar Great Notion
Bay Filly 1/19 Hoppertunity Thirst for Diamond Stay Thirsty Paul Neiber
Bay Filly 1/23 Jess's Dream Aguacita War Chant Jim Hallman
Bay Filly 1/23 Classic Empire Bronx City Girl Yankee Gentleman Maria Haire
Chestnut Filly 1/26 Eclipticalspraline Wild River Cat Pioneerof the Nile Maria M. Haire & Mary K. Haire
Bay  Filly 1/28 Ghostzapper Devil's Cave Put It Back The Elkstone Group Flatter
Chestnut Colt 1/28 Super Ninety Nine Miss Sweetness Belong to Me Robert & Mary Atkinson
Bay Colt 1/29 Bolt d'Oro Lunar Rille English Channel Country Life Farm & Lunar Rille LLC
Chestnut Colt 1/30 Global Campaign Requesting Giant's Causeway Barak Farm
Bay Filly 1/31 Eclipticalspraline Pioneer Kate Pioneerof the Nile Maria Haire
Bay Filly 1/31 Mosler Will Do Roman Ruler Bell Gable Stable
Bay Filly 1/31 Great Notion Awesome Singer Awesome Again Jagger Inc. Outwork
Bay Colt 2/1 St. Patrick's Day Miss Margaret  Bwana Charlie Maria Haire
Bay Colt 2/3 West Coast Applaud Medaglia d'Oro The Stables of Mezza Luna LLC
Bay Colt 2/3 Mosler Contradance Yes It's True Bell Gable Stable
Chestnut Colt 2/3 Stanford Discatsonthesquare Square Eddie Black Cloud Racing Stable LLC
Bay Filly 2/4 Divining Rod Sugar Shack Shackleford James Stevenson
Bay Filly 2/5 Violence Medea (IRE) Danehill Dancer The Elkstone Group Violence
Bay Filly 2/6 Divining Rod Our Curlene Curlin Barak Farm & Sharon Dodgen
Chestnut Colt 2/7 Cupid Free Kitty Tale of the Cat Barak Farm
Bay Colt 2/7 Great Notion Ol Sanish Curlin James B. Steele Goldencents
Bay Colt 2/8 Maclean's Music Make Amends Malibu Moon Country Life Farm & Make Amends LLC
Bay Colt 2/9 Runhappy Lifeflight Quality Road James McIngvale
Chestnut Colt 2/10 Tom's d'Etat Sharons in Charge Will Take Charge Jay Reese
Bay Colt 2/10 Madefromlucky Mooji Moo Jeblar Robert Deckert
Bay Colt 2/11 Hoppertunity Doubleclickdamouse Point of Entry Ralph Santella
Bay Colt 2/12 Hoppertunity What a Reward Warrior's Reward Flying H Stables, LLC
Chestnut Filly 2/13 Madefromlucky Majestic Melresa Majestic Warrior Best A Luck Farm
Bay Colt 2/14 Madefromlucky Derek's Gator Girl Brother Derek Charles Biggs
Bay Filly 2/16 Uncle Lino Elena Says Hello Harlan's Holiday Robert Stone
Bay Filly 2/16 Runhappy Pleasantly Sweet Twirling Candy James McIngvale
Bay Filly 2/17 Bernardini Awesome Elle Awesome Again The Elkstone Group Not This Time
Bay Colt 2/17 Jimmy Creed Moon Vision Pollard's Vision Country Life Farm & Moon Vision Broodmare LLC
Bay Colt 2/17 Irish War Cry Awesome Dama Corinthian Maria Haire
Bay Filly 2/17 Bernardini Awesome Elle Awesome Again The Elkstone Group Not This Time
Chestnut Filly 2/18 Cupid Kiss in the Forest Forest Wildcat Barak Farm & Sharon Dodgen
Bay Colt 2/18 Accelerate Kittyluck Exchange Rate Best A Luck Farm
Chestnut Colt 2/18 Not This Time Tapits Faith Tapit The Elkstone Group
Bay Filly 2/18 Mosler Tripscar Stroll Barak Farm
Bay Colt 2/18 Divining Rod Yougottabekitten Kitten's Joy Bell Gable Stable
Chestnut Filly 2/19 Golden Lad Girls Got Rhythum Zensational WWCD, LLC Rainbow Heir
Dark Bay/Brown Colt 2/19 Win Win Win Candystand Candy Ride (ARG) Michael Trombetta
Bay Filly 2/20 Holy Boss Bekki's Dance Dance With Ravens Dr. Ronald H. Parker Holy Boss
Bay Filly 2/20 Rainbow Heir Tiz Moi Gemologist New Farm Rainbow Heir
Dark Bay/Brown Filly 2/21 Golden Lad Any Given Chance Any Given Saturday Sugarland LLC Equine Etiquette
Chestnut Filly 2/21 Divining Rod Pikachu Princess Redeemed Bell Gable Stable Central Banker
Bay Colt 2/22 Twirling Candy Somethingelse Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) The Elkstone Group Midnight Lute
Chestnut Filly 2/22 Uptowncharlybrown Change Up Distorted Humor Jagger Inc. Goldencents
Bay Colt 2/22 Uncle Lino Fast Fionnuala Verrazano SAB Stables Inc.
Chesnut Filly 2/22 Holy Boss Fingerpaint Union Rags Designated Hitters Racing LLC
Bay Filly 2/23 Runhappy Mill and Gloria Majestic Warrior Jagger Inc.
Dark Bay/Brown Colt 2/23 Golden Lad Silent Legacy Silent Name (JPN) Carl Lanier
Dark Bay/Brown Colt 2/24 Malibu Moon Must Be Fate Eurosilver Best A Luck Farm
Chestnut Filly 2/24 More Than Ready My Magician Street Magician Valter Ramos
Bay Colt 2/25 Medaglia d'Oro Curlin's Fox Curlin The Elkstone Group Constitution
Bay Colt 2/25 Golden Lad Fleagle Kowski Nicanor Thomas J. Rooney
Bay Colt 2/26 Paynter Andiemac Outflanker Thomas J. Rooney
Bay Filly 2/26 Hoppertunity Code Name Taurus Bullsbay Erika Neuberg
Dark Bay/Brown Filly 2/28 Golden Lad Ben's Girl Here Comes Ben Carl Lanier Divining Rod
Bay Filly 2/28 St. Patrick's Day Eye of Ra Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) Ponder Hill Inc. Divining Rod
Chestnut Colt 3/2 First Samurai Living Legacy Tapizar The Elkstone Group Mendelssohn
Bay Filly 3/2 Divining Rod In Dad's Wallet Medaglia d'Oro William Bayne & Super C Racing Bourbon Courage
Bay Filly 3/3 Mo Town Muselet Flatter Thornmar Divining Rod
Bay Filly 3/3 The Factor Giuliana Vee Into Mischief Warning Drums Racing LLC
Bay Filly 3/3 Madefromlucky Rubiesandwranglers Fairbanks Lee Vosters
Dark Bay/Brown Colt 3/5 Rainbow Heir Forest Funds Forestry New Farm Rainbow Heir
Bay Colt 3/5 Great Notion Foreverinmyheart Roman Ruler Thornmar Imagining
Chestnut Filly 3/6 Goldencents Luxicharm Maclean's Music Rich Ciavardone
- Colt 3/7 Mosler Belle Vlada (IRE) Kheleyf Robert Atkinson & Mary Atkinson
Chestnut Colt 3/7 Holy Boss Double First  Majestic Warrior Thornmar Midshipman
Dark Bay/Brown Colt 3/7 Mosler Patel Skip Away Joe M. Thomson Honest Mischief
Bay Filly 3/7 Hoppertunity Billy N the Queen Western Expression Gerald Dirkes
Bay Filly 3/7 Golden Lad Fasterthanfast Brethren Maria Haire
Dark Bay/Brown Filly 3/7 Global Campaign Glackety Smoke Glacken Barak Farm Mosler
Bay Colt 3/8 Instagrand Fancy Diamond Eastern Echo Thornmar Bourbon Courage
Chestnut Filly 3/8 Uncle Lino Lucky Trinity El Padrino MCA Racing Stable LLC
Bay Filly 3/8 Eclipticalspraline Treasure Time Maclean's Music Maria Haire
Bay Filly 3/9 Eclipticalspraline Another Cougar With Distinction Maria Haire
Bay Colt 3/10 Divining Rod Fluxx Bluegrass Cat Holly House Farm Divining Rod
Chestnut Colt 3/11 Street Magician Irish Gal Cape Blanco (IRE) James B. Steele
Bay Colt 3/11 Hard Spun June Ann (IRE) Acclamation Timothy J. Rooney Hit It a Bomb
Bay Colt 3/11 Divining Rod Bode's Brienne Bodemeister Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gohn Divining Rod
Bay Colt 3/11 Divining Rod Danica (IRE) Warrior's Reward Jann Anderson Divining Rod
Bay Filly 3/11 Jimmy Creed Sagamoon Malibu Moon Country Life Farm & Sagamoon LLC
Bay Filly 3/11 American Freedom Sweet On Smokey Successfull Appeal Robert La Banca
Chestnut Colt 3/13 Biblical Amphirite Palace MCA Racing Stable LLC
Bay Filly 3/13 Volatile Resilient One Hard Spun Barak Farm & Dean Barber
Bay Filly 3/13 Hoppertunity Hello Now Tiznow Holly House Farm Golden Lad
Chestnut Filly 3/13 First Mondays Pearly Beach Tiznow Glenangus Farm LLC First Mondays
Chestnut Colt 3/13 Uncle Lino Rosie Belle Trappe Shot Karmac Stables LLC
Bay Filly 3/13 Thousand Words Wild Eyed Indian Charlie Thornmar Promises Fulfilled
Chestnut Filly 3/13 Irish War Cry Boudicca Hard Spun Thornmar Bourbon Courage
Bay Colt 3/14 Irish War Cry One More Shoe Giacomo Northview Stallion Station Inc.
Chestnut Colt 3/14 Nyquist Peach of a Gal Curlin Glenangus Farm LLC Ghostzapper
Bay Colt 3/15 Tonalist Unentangled Not For Love Clover Hill Farm Inc. Street Boss
Chestnut Colt 3/15 Madefromlucky Bravucona Spring At Last Dan Foster
Chestnut Colt 3/15 Thousand Words Egot Dehere Best Foot Forward LLC & Horseshoe Valley Equine Center
Chestnut Filly 3/15 Blofeld Raging Blaze Friesan Fire Frank A. Perri
Bay Colt 3/16 Sharp Azteca Devil's Shoes Maclean's Music MCA Racing Stable LLC
Chestnut Filly 3/17 Curlin's Honor Cherokee Kitten Kitten's Joy Charles Curry Rainbow Heir
Chestnut Colt 3/17 Imagining Frightful Rock Slide Little Man Farm Outflanker
Bay Colt 3/17 Hoppertunity My Precious Baby With Distinction Lawrence M. Smith
Chestnut Colt 3/17 Violence Too Much Prada Too Much Bling The Elkstone Group Violence
Bay Colt 3/18 Outwork Meow Gio Ponti Jeff Matty & Paul O'Loughlin
Bay Filly 3/19 Eclipticalspraline Bewitching Anna Alajwad Maria M. Haire
Bay Colt 3/19 Lord Nelson Casual Kiss Dehere Thornmar Midshipman
Dark Bay/Brown Colt 3/19 Liam's Map Miss Avalon Jump Start David Wade, Paul O'Loughlin & Jeff Matty Jr.
Bay Filly 3/19 Hoppertunity That's Exciting Neko Bay Beasie Patterson
Bay Colt 3/20 Barbados Miss Clairton (GB) Marju Shamrock Farm Outflanker
Bay Colt 3/20 Eclipticalspraline New London Rockport Harbor Maria M. Haire
Bay Colt 3/20 Eclipticalspraline She's Flattering Flatter Maria M. Haire
Bay Colt 3/21 Friesan Fire Stormy Mama Lion Hearted Dan Eubanks
Chestnut Filly 3/22 Barbados Falcon's Eye Mutakddim Little Man Farm
Bay Filly 3/22 Maximus Mischief Kiss the Princess Any Given Saturday Thornmar Paynter
Bay Filly 3/22 Madefromlucky Nearly a Notion Great Notion Erika Neuberg
Bay Colt 3/23 Rainbow Heir All Flatter Flatter New Farm Breeding Rainbow Heir
Bay Filly 3/23 Mosler Annie Trust Super Ninety Nine Barak Farm
Chestnut Colt 3/24 Frosted Hay Dilly Candy Ride (ARG) Timothy J. Rooney Union Rags
Bay Colt 3/24 Cloud Computing Imagine a Star Can the Man Kent Hersman
Chestnut Filly 3/25 St Patrick's Day Country Wolf City Wolf Maria M. Haire
Bay Colt 3/25 Barbados Flirtation Walk Outflanker Little Man Farm
Bay Filly 3/26 Eclipticalspraline Holiday Hopes Harlan's Holiday Maria M. Haire
Bay Filly 3/27 Blofeld Aviary Dance With Ravens Thornmar Holy Boss
Bay Filly 3/27 Tapiture Secret Witness Tiznow Horseshoe Valley Equine Center LLC
Bay Colt 3/27 Divining Rod Who Needs Montbrook Clover Hill Racing LLC Mucho Macho Man
Chestnut Colt 3/28 Irish War Cry Unrefined Sky Mesa Glenangus Farm LLC First Mondays
Chestnut Filly 3/30 Tamarkuz Sandvika (FR) Elnadim Frank McEntee
Bay Colt 3/31 Good Samaritan Distorted Sunrays Drosselmeyer Tony & Dawn Bowling
Chestnut Filly 3/31 Friesan Fire Skipperdee Giant's Causeway Barak Farm & Dinos Thoroughbreds LLC  
- Filly 4/1 Holy Boss Dibble Dash Jump Start The Stables of Mezza Luna, LLC Cloud Computing
Bay Colt 4/2 Friesan Fire Goodnight Angel Touch Gold Thornmar Long River
- Filly 4/3 Holy Boss Calla Luna Cape Blanco (IRE) The Stables of Mezza Luna, LLC Always Dreaming
Bay Filly 4/3 Holy Boss Scoot Scat Daddy Thornmar Blofeld
Bay Colt 4/3 Street Magician Terra Aqua Cowboy Cal Robin Graham & Mary Jones  
Bay Colt 4/4 Divining Rod Misty On Pointe Munnings Thornmar Raging Bull (FR)
Bay Filly 4/4 Bourbon Courage Sunday in Malibu Malibu Moon Ronald H. Parker Bourbon Courage
Bay Colt 4/5 Great Notion Untiltherewasyou Big Brown Thornmar Maximum Security
Chestnut Filly 4/7 Divining Rod Smile Big Big Drama James B. Steele Flameaway
Dark Bay/Brown Colt 4/8 Coal Front Lady Artemis Awesome Again Barak Farm  
Bay Filly 4/8 Mo Town So Charming English Channel Ronald H. Parker Engage
Chestnut Filly 4/10 Oscar Performance Naval Academy Mizzen Mast Marathon Farm Inc. Mosler
Chestnut Filly 4/10 Barbados Tajol Spring At Last Shamrock Farms  
Bay Colt 4/12 Barbados Quiet Run Northern Afleet Shamrock Farm Barbados
Chesnut Colt 4/13 Biblical Mila Jane Warrior's Reward Claudio A. Gonzalez  
Chestnut Filly 4/14 Rainbow Heir Grisham Grindstone New Farm  
Bay Filly 4/14 Wicked Strong Sharpasabowlnball Talent Search Louis Carrico  
Chestnut Colt 4/15 Barbados Waltzing Cat More Than Ready Timothy J. Rooney Known Agenda
Bay Filly 4/16 Mosler Lady in Ermine Honour and Glory Carol Kaye & Boyce Stable  
Bay Colt 4/19 Golden Lad Lucy Boo Rock Slide Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Rooney  
Bay Colt 4/20 Lookin At Lucky Her Big Moment Awesome Again Glenangus Farm LLC Cairo Prince
Chestnut Colt 4/21 Biblical  Celesse Line of David MCA Racing LLC  


Mosler-Contradance colt (2/3)
Runhappy-Lifeflight colt (2/9)
Tom's d'Etat-Sharons in Charge colt (2/10)
Authentic-Tapit for Free filly (2/14)
Tonalist-Serena's Joy filly (2/16)
Jimmy Creed-Moon Vision colt (2/17)
Golden Lad-Any Given Chance filly (2/21)
Win Win Win-Candystand colt (2/19)
Include-Kuznetsov colt (2/23)
Demarchelier (GB)-Coffee Pond (IRE) filly (3/7)
Blofeld-Seville's Princess filly (3/13)
American Freedom-Weekend Madness colt (3/17)
Gift Box-Luna colt (3/21)
Demarchelier (GB)-Vibrant Spirit filly (3/22)
Good Magic-Clever Girl filly