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If your foal was dropped in Maryland, it is a Maryland-bred by the Jockey Club definition and MAY BE ELIGIBLE to be registered as a Maryland-bred for the Maryland Fund bonus program.

Maryland-bred Requirements: Rewards to Breeders — Maryland-Bred Rules.

A. For the purposes of this regulation:
(1) A horse is considered to be bred where it is foaled;
(2) The breeder of a horse is the owner of the dam at the time the horse was foaled;

B. If the Maryland Horse Breeders Association refuses to register a horse under Business Regula- tion Article, §11-538, Annotated Code of Maryland, making the horse ineligible to participate in the Maryland-Bred Fund Race program, the owner or breeder of the horse may appeal the refusal to the Commission.

A horse shall be registered with the Maryland Horse Breeders Association, Inc., before the horse may start in a Fund Race.

A horse may be registered with the Maryland Horse Breeders Association, Inc., only if the horse was foaled in Maryland as shown by a foal certificate from the Jockey Club and:
(1) the breeder of the horse has maintained a place of abode in Maryland for more than 9 months immediately before registration;
(2) the breeder of the horse keeps breeding stock continually in Maryland;
(3) the horse was conceived in Maryland during the previous season; or
(4) the horse's dam was sent to Maryland to foal and after foaling was covered by a Maryland stallion during the season of the horse's birth.
(5) If the horse's dam dies, is permanently retired, or is certified by a veterinarian as unable to be bred, the horse resided in the State for at least 6 months after the horse was foaled.

A. To qualify for registration, the horse shall be a Thoroughbred, eligible for registration with The Jockey Club and have been foaled in Maryland. In addition, unless the breeder is a resident of the State, or maintains his breeding stock continually in the State, the horse shall be the produce either of a mare having conceived in Maryland the previous season, or of a mare sent into the State to foal and covered by a Maryland stallion the season of its foaling.

B. A horse is bred where it is foaled. The breeder is the owner of the dam at the time of foaling.

C. Any owner or breeder may appeal the refusal of the Maryland Horse Breeders Association to register a horse under this rule to the Maryland Racing Commission, and the decision of the Commission shall be final.

D. To be considered a Maryland stallion, it is required that he be in the State of Maryland for at least one full breeding season, commonly understood to be the first six months of a year, or if the stallion is brought in subsequent to the start of the breeding season he shall be approved as a Maryland stallion by the Registration Committee of the Maryland Horse Breeders Association.

No horse can compete in a Maryland-bred race unless registered with the Maryland Horse Breeders Association nor will any bonuses be paid unless the horse is registered prior to the running of a race.

When registering foals for someone else, please call to verify that person's MHBA membership status. If any of the fees sent in on one check is incorrect, the entire package will be returned to you, which could cause you to miss this important deadline. It is imperative that the Breeder(s) of Record with the MHBA be the same as the Breeder(s) of Record with The Jockey Club.

Fee Schedule

Attention breeders and owners of Maryland-Breds: the registration fee deadline is May 31 of the Yearling year.



($200 dues annually)


Foal Registration by May 31 of Yearling Year $100 $300
Foal Registration after May 31 of Yearling Year $275 $475

All registration fees include a $25 contribution to the MHBA AFTERCARE FUND

If you have any questions, please contact us via phone at(410) 252-2100 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..