The Jockey Club has released the Report of Mares Bred (RMB) statistics for the 2017 breeding season, showing declines nationally. Based on RMBs received through Oct. 17, The Jockey Club reports that 1,342 stallions covered 31,863 mares in North America during 2017.

Maryland continues to rank among the top-10 states, with 768 mares bred by 30 reported stallions. And the average book of 25.6 mares per stallion is second only to Kentucky. But the number of mares bred compared to 2016 was down 15.88 percent. The busiest Maryland stallions were Country Life Farm’s first-year sire Mosler with 102; Northview Stallion Station’s Golden Lad (91) and Great Notion (87) and Heritage Stallions’ Bourbon Courage (68) and Imagining and Seville (Ger), each with 65.

Nationwide, the number of stallions declined 5.7 percent from the 1,423 reported at this time in 2016, and the number of mares bred decreased 5.6 percent from the 33,746 reported last year. Based upon historical reporting trends, The Jockey Club estimates an additional 2,000 to 3,000 mares will be reported as bred during the 2017 breeding season.

RMB statistics for all reported stallions in 2017 are available through the Fact Book section of The Jockey Club’s website at jockeyclub.com.

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