Judges: Preston M. Burch, William duPont Jr. and Adm. Cary T. Grayson
I. J.W.Y. Martin’s blk.c. MOON GLORY (w), by Sun Flag—Unfurled by Pennant. Champion.
II. Janon Fisher Jr.’s ch.f. BOMBARDMENT, by Constitution—Joaquina by Garry Herrmann.

(Judge, 1933-1942 James E. Fitzsimmons)

I. J.W.Y. Martin’s b.c. TRULY YOURS (sw), by Canter—Love Girl by Black Toney. Champion.
II. J.W.Y. Martin’s b.f. DANCING QUEEN (w), by *Wrack—Lope by *Tchad.
I. Alfred G.Vanderbilt’s blk.c. BLACK TOREADOR (w), by Flying Ebony—*Carmen Pantages by Sandy Hook. Champion.
II. S.W. Labrot’s gr.f. IRON ORE (w), by *Sir Greysteel—*Florestine by Beppo.
I. Mrs. Dean Bedford’s ro.c. SIR MOUSE, by *Sir Greysteel—Scheherazade by Chief Lally. Champion.
II. Major Ral Parr’s br.f. GRACEFUL FLIGHT (w), by Flying Ebony—Her Grace by *Bright Knight.
I. Major Ral Parr’s br.c. HYPOCRITE (sw), by *Wrack—Pretense by *Snob II.
II. Mrs. C.W. Williams’ br.f. DORIS RENE (w), by *Philippi—French Doll by Superman. Champion.
I. Major Ral Parr’s b.c. WAR MOON (sp), by War Hero—Bright Luna by *Bright Knight.
II. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s br.f. SOUR CHERRY (w), by Balko—Cherry Laurel by Tall Timber. Champion.
I. Labrot and Co.’s gr.c. KANTAN, by *Kantar—Anne Arundel by *Sir Greysteel.
II. Major G.L. Stryker’s gr.f. ALPACA, by Grey Coat—Aziz by Trojan. Champion.
I. Major Ral Parr’s br.c. GREEK JURIST (w), by *Aethelstan II—Fair Advocate by Wise Counsellor. Champion.
II. Mrs. R.H. Heighe’s b.f. DIVIDEND (w), by *Aethelstan II—Miss Dinwiddie by Campfire.
I. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s br.c. SPARE MAN (w), by *Kantar—The Spare by John P. Grier. Champion.
II. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s br.f. MYRTLE M. (w), by Identify—*Poverty Corner by Poor Boy.
I. S.W. Labrot Jr.’s b.c. ATTACHE (w), by *Kantar—Monel by *Sir Greysteel. Champion.
II. Mrs. R.H. Heighe’s br.f. ADROIT (sw), by *Aethelstan II—In India by *Durbar II.
I. Northwood Stable’s gr.c. OURARMS (w), by *Quatre Bras II—*Lola Montez II by *Stefan the Great. Champion.
II. Mrs. R.H. Heighe’s br.f. SAFETY MATCH (w), by *Aethelstan II—Sparky by *Durbar II.

No show held during the war years 1943, 1944, 1945.

1946 Judge: Preston M. Burch
I. Christiana Stable’s br.c. MARK UP (sp), by Briarlet—Stop Loss by Brokers Tip. Reserve champion.
II. S.W. Labrot Jr.’s b.c. DUTEL (w), by *Quatre Bras II—Sun Surplice by *Sun Briar. Champion.
III. Mrs. Charles W. Williams’ br.f. NORA (w), by Pharanor—Jungfrau by *Axenstein.
IV. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s br.f. AVIATION (w), by *Bahram—Canfli by Campfire.
1947 Judge: Max Hirsch
I. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s ch.c. DIM VIEW (w), by Discovery—Bright View by Brilliant. Champion.
II. S.W. Labrot Jr.’s br.c. TARAN (w), by *Bahram—Trina by *Sickle. Reserve champion.
III. Breckinridge Long’s br.f. LORAINE (sw), by *Challenger II—Nasca by *Rosolio.
IV. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s br.f. WILD PITCH (w), by *Bahram—Balking by Balko.
1948 Judge: Alex B. Gordon
I. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s gr.c. FOREIGN AFFAIR (sw), by Discovery—*Bukhara II by *Bahram. Reserve champion.
II. B. Frank Christmas’ b.c. IDLE MEMORY (w), by Pilate—Memoirs by *Sir Gallahad III.
III. Mrs. Emma Downs’ br.f. LIKAROCK (w), by *Piping Rock—Wes by Mad Hatter. Champion.
IV. Mrs. Dean Bedford’s ch.f. BRANGAENE, by Tintagel—April Time by *Brumado.
1949 Judge: Abram S. Hewitt
I. L.S. MacPhail’s ch.c. B BATTERY (sp), by Discovery—Boomtown Gal by Stimulus. Champion.
II. Walter A. Edgar’s b.c. JACK THE GREAT (sp), by Jack High—Directory by *Challenger II.
III. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s b.f. FRONT SEAT (w), by Occupy—Bright View by Brilliant. Reserve champion.
IV. Walter A. Edgar’s ch.f. MISS PRESIDENT (w), by Challedon—Politigirl by Discovery.
1950 Judge: Paul Ebelhardt
I. H.S. Horkheimer’s ch.c. RHYMISS (w), by The Rhymer—Miss Andes by Omaha. Champion.
II. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s ch.c. LION’S SHARE (w), by Amphitheatre—Equivalent by Equipoise. Reserve champion.
III. Mrs. Irene S. Watson’s b.f. BLUE RHYMER (sw), by The Rhymer—Blue Brandy by Blue Larkspur.
IV. E.Taylor Chewning’s ch.f. TOBACCO QUEEN (w), by Ramillies—Tacaro Ginny by Bud Lerner.
V. Get of ALAKING.
1951 Judge: Lou Doherty
I. E. Taylor Chewning’s b.c. PROUD SON (w), by Discovery—Chalmer by *Challenger II.
II. L.S. MacPhail’s b.c. SUN WARRIOR (sp), by Sun Again—Beth Bon by Jean Valjean.
III. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s br.f. FACTS OF LIFE (w), by Discovery—Bride Elect by High Time. Champion. Second: L.S. MacPhail’s ch.f. ROGUISH, by Discovery—Shining Eyes by High Strung. Reserve champion.
IV. C.E. Nelson’s b.f. FLO D. (w), by Revoked—Pestaheim by *Blenheim II.
1952 Judge: Charles A. Kenney
I. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s ch.c. PARLOR PINK (w), by Discovery—Pansy by *Sickle. Reserve champion.
II. Stuart S. Janney Jr.’s b.c. MAINSTAY (w), by Peterski—Skysail by *Donnacona. Champion.
III. L.S. MacPhail’s b.f. EASY FIND, by Discovery—Banyan by Theatrical.
IV. Boxthorn Farm’s b.f. MOUNTAIN HOLLY (w), by Boxthorn—Monte Rio by Chance Sun.
1953 Judge: Preston M. Burch
I. Cleveland Skinker’s ch.c. CLEVE’S DREAM (w), by Manador—Carib Song by Case Ace.
II. Douglas R. Small’s ch.c. AESCHYLUS (sw), by *Orestes III—Barabara R. by *Aethelstan II. Reserve champion.
III. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s br.f. SOMETIME THING (sw), by Discovery—Now and Again by *Bahram. Champion.
IV. Harold H. Polk’s ch.f. LINDA’S DREAM (w), by Wait a Bit—Baymelia by Supremus.
1954 Judge: Hon. George M. Humphrey
I. Boxthorn Farm’s br.c. FINE FELLOW, by Boxthorn—Navy Relief by Petee-Wrack. Champion.
II. Tattleon Farm’s b.c. DECLARATION (w), by I Will—Challe O’Mar by Challedon.
III. G.R. Bryson’s br.f. EASY SWEEP (sw), by High Lea—Wimauma by Easy Mon. Reserve champion.
IV. Walter A. Edgar’s b.f. WOODLAWN BELLE (w), by Prince Simon—Directory by *Challenger II.
1955 Judge: William duPont Jr
I. Mrs. S.M. Pistorio’s br.c. PRECIOUS METAL (sp), by Golden Bull—Dark Beauty by Sweep All.
II. L.E. Jones and Janon Fisher Jr.’s ch.c. DERELICT (w), by War Relic—Laelia by War Admiral.
III. Janon Fisher Jr.’s ch.f. WAYWARD (w), by Double Brandy—Mischievous by Swashbuckler. Champion.
IV. Rigan McKinney’s b.f. PROPHETS BELL (sw), by Prophets Thumb—Two Bells by *Blenheim II. Reserve champion.
1956 Judge: J.P. Jones
I. Phillip Greenwell’s b.g. SEEBO (w), by The Rhymer—Catchup by Sun Meadow. Champion.
II. Rigan McKinney’s br.c. DARK SPY, by Spy Song—Reigh Diana by Reigh Count. Reserve champion.
III. Misses Ann Este and Eugenia Fisher’s b.f. SWEET SINGER, by Shivaree—Booty by Grey Coat.
IV. Rigan McKinney’s b.f. GIROUETTE, by Your Host—Peregrine by Brazado.
1957 Judge: Charles A. Asbury
I. Mrs. Arthur Hullcoat’s b.c. JOYFUL MEMORIES, by Alaking—Tintalate by Tintagel. Reserve champion.
II. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Brewster’s lt.b.c. MORE MUSIC (w), by One Hitter—Melodious by Persian Gulf.
III. Rigan McKinney’s ch.f. PERIMETER, by Discovery—Tatula by Eight Thirty. Champion.
IV. Robert L. Gosselin’s b.f. MISS ROCK (w), by *Piping Rock—Occupy Miss by Occupy.
1958 Judge: Joseph F. Flanagan
I. Miss Anna W. Bockius’ ch.c. WEEPING BOY, by Loser Weeper—Teaneck Madcap by Head Play. Champion.
II. Mrs. Henry Obre’s ch.c. STOP, by Wait a Bit—Battleksar by Battleship.
III. Misses Ann Este and Eugenia Fisher’s ch.f. DEVILISH MARY (w), by Double Brandy—Booty by Grey Coat.
IV. Harry A. Love’s b.f. POISSON D’AVRIL (w), by *Djeddah—Arthurette by Rosemont. Reserve champion.
1959 Judge: Clarkson Beard
I. Rigan McKinney’s b.c. GLORY BAR (w), by *Sea Charger—Peregrine by Brazado. Champion.
II. Binna Farm’s b.c. THE DRAKER (w), by *Double Eclipse—Rising Temper by Wildlife.
III. E. Taylor Chewning’s b.f. JEUNE OCCUPY (sw), by Occupy—Jeune Fille by Agrarian. Reserve champion.
IV. Mrs. Harry A. Love’s dk.b.f. LUSICA (w), by Mr. Busher—Huba by *Mahmoud.
1960 Judge: Henry S. Clark
I. Mrs. Fendall M. Clagett’s br.c. BEECHWOOD (sp), by *Beechpark—Big Night by *Radiate II.
II. Rigan McKinney’s br.c. SAY ROMAN (w), by Roman—Say Blue by Blue Larkspur. Champion.
III. Constance Rossetti’s ch.f. HURRICANE MINNY, by Tuscany—Skeet Willow by *Princequillo. Reserve champion.
IV. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s blk.f. BILGE, by Sailor—Clean Sweep by Devil Diver.
1961 Judge: Edward A. Christmas
I. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. O’Donovan’s ch.c. DRACHMA, by Tuscany—*One-A-Penny by *Royal Charger.
II. Stuart S. Janney Jr.’s b.c. KNOCKLOFTY (sw), by Parnassus—Bold Irish by Fighting Fox. Champion.
III. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s blk.f. FOOTLOOSE (sp), by Native Dancer—Plucky Maid by Ariel.
IV. Rigan McKinney’s ch.f. ALI O’ALI (w), by *Alibhai—O’Alison by Rosemont. Reserve champion.
1962 Judge: Oscar White
I. Mrs. Ruth Z. Yaeger’s dk.gr.g. JOHNNY IMP, by Imperative—Chips First by Manador.
II. Dr. John D. Gadd’s gr.g. BORN FREE (w), by *Miche—Burning Desire by Burning Dream. Champion.
III. J. Rollin Hunter’s gr.f. BARTHUNETTO (w), by *Brunetto—Barth’s Dream by Saggy.
IV. Stuart S. Janney Jr.’s b.f. THIRD STEP (w), by Third Brother—Step Over by *Ambiorix. Reserve champion.
1963 Judge: Humphrey S. Finney
I. Elry M. Groves’ br.c. HASTY PAGAN (w), by Alerted—*Maiana by Migoli. Champion. Second: E. Taylor Chewning’s ch.c. TACARO ROYAL, by *Sea Charger—Miss Tacaro by Discovery. Reserve champion.
II. Rabar Stable’s br.c. PRINCE A FOOT (w), by Gain A Foot—Queen Brier by Bull Brier.
III. Augustus Riggs IV’s b.f. DIAL ME, by Quiz Master—Primordial by Chaos.
IV. Merry Acres Farm’s blk.f. COMEBACK MISS (w), by Victory Morn—Helentar by Spy Song.
1964 Judge: Horatio A. Luro
I. Mrs. Augustus Riggs IV’s blk.c. HYDROFOIL (w), by Nade—Mrs. Moon by Quiz Master.
II. Harry A. Love’s b.c. DEDICATED SONS, by Dedicate—Sungari by Eight Thirty. Champion.
III. Gordon F. Wieneke’s ch.f. GAMBLIN ANN (w), by Tuscany—Miss Arcadia by Teddy Wrack.
IV. Mrs. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s ch.f. IN THE WINGS, by Greek Song—Waddle by Native Dancer. Reserve champion.
1965 Judge: Sylvester W. Veitch
I. Larking Hill Farm’s ch.c. RUN FOOL RUN (sp), by *Beechpark—Missy R. by Windfields.
II. Augustus Riggs IV’s b.c. A-HA (w), by Degage—Primordial by Chaos. Champion.
III. Larking Hill Farm’s dk.b.f. LIBAMAH (w), by Divine Comedy—Principia by Occupy. Reserve champion.
IV. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. O’Donovan’s ch.f. TARESS, by Sailor—Fatigue by Battlefield.
1966 Judge: Thomas W. Barry
I. Mrs. G. Tyson Hopkins’ dk.b./br.c. JANACEAN, by Panacean—Jen-E-V by Cassis. Reserve champion.
II. Mrs. Bayard Sharp’s b.c. RIBOLINI, by *Ribot—Bithynia by Hannibal. Champion.
III. Mr. and Mrs. Hal C.B. Clagett’s dk.b.f. DOUBLE WHIM, by Elbutte—Woozie by Double Scotch.
IV. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s b.f. INDIAN LOVE CALL (sw), by Jaipur—Scarlet Letter by Native Dancer.
1967 Judge: Virgil W. Raines
I. Dr. John D. Gadd’s dk.b./br.c., by Cyane—*Hasty Venus by Botticelli. Reserve champion.
II. Mrs. Kenneth Edwards’ gr.c. MAGIC MONARCH (w), by *Grey Monarch—Jayell’s Ba-Bet by *Espalier.
III. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s b.f. DANCE, by Native Dancer—Prime Time by Eight Thirty. Champion.
IV. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. O’Donovan’s dk.b./br.f. PIT BUNNY (sp), by Hasty Road—Abeyance Lass by *Ambiorix.
1968 Judge: Jerome C. Meyer
I. Burroughs and Blunt’s dk.b./br.c. SPARE ME (w), by Restless Native—Mobile Gal by Ponder. Champion.
II. Lester P. Mackebee’s dk.b./br.c. FRIENDLY FACE (w), by Journalist—Cafeteria by Spy Song.
III. Fendall M. Clagett’s dk.b./br.f. NASHLINA (sp), by Nashver—Missy R. by Windfields.
IV. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. O’Donovan’s b.f. CLARE BRIDGE, by Quadrangle—Abeyance Lass by *Ambiorix. Reserve champion.
1969 Judge: J. Elliott Burch
I. Labadie Mill Farm’s ch.c. PROVO (w), by Restless Native—*Golden Aureole by Aureole. Reserve champion.
II. Michael Ford’s ch.c. CHURRASCO (w), by Porterhouse—Quisas by Case Ace. Champion.
III. Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Richardson Jr.’s b.f. AMBER KORTY (w), by Ambernash—Loitering by *Northern Star.
IV. Hawthorne Ridge Farm’s b.f. BATTLESHIP BELLE, by Yorktown—Sakuntala by Saratoga.
1970 Judge: MacKenzie T. Miller
I. Labadie Mill Farm’s b.c. UNTIL A KING (w), by Kauai King—*Golden Aureole by Aureole.
II. Harry A. Love’s ch.c. CUPID’S COMET (w), by Dan Cupid—*The Virginian II by Charlottesville. Champion.
III. Cecil James Smith’s b.f. COMLEA (w), by Commensurate—Adalea by *Combustion II. Reserve champion.
IV. John Jackson’s ch.f. RACING PASS, by Khal Pass—Racing Flicha by Challarian.
1971 Judge: Sidney Watters Jr
I. Elry M. Groves’ ro.c. ROBERT LEWIS, by Solo Landing—Lovely Tune by Neptune. Reserve champion.
II. Harold H. Polk’s dk.b./br.c. FULL BACK (w), by Carry Back—Sunelia by More Sun.
III. Mrs. Helen L. Jennings’ dk.b./br.f. LA FROIDE (w), by Nearctic—La Simonetta by *Amerigo. Champion.
IV. Stiles Tuttle Colwill’s dk.b./br.f. SHE’S A HUSSY, by Bold Effort—Esquill by *Princequillo.
1972 Judge: W.J. Hirsch
I. Fendall M.Clagett’s dk.b./br.c. BOLD REGENT (w), by Bold Ambition—Queen Native by Restless Native. Champion.
II. Mrs. Howard A. Kelly Jr.’s gr.c. COUNTY FROST, by Sunrise County—Frosty Miss by Blue Swords.
III. Virginia M. Tumulty’s dk.b./br.f. CHEERFUL INTENT, by Tequillo—Ile Emeraude by *Monte Carlo. Second: Fendall M.Clagett’s b.f. QUEEN TIGRESS (w), by Exclusive Nashua—Tin Tigress by Tiger. Reserve champion.
IV. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s ch.f. TOT, by Sailor—Cup of Tea by *Royal Charger.
1973 Judge: Warren A. "Jimmy" Croll Jr
I. Labadie Mill Farm’s dk.b./br.c. WARM THE SPIRITS, by Rambunctious—Surol by Discovery.
II. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. O’Donovan’s dk.b./br.c. JORDAN’S JET (w), by First Landing—Royal Rosemary by *Royal Charger. Reserve champion.
III. Mrs. Helen L. Jennings’ dk.b./br.f. ANNIE ACTIVE (sw), by Exceedingly—Action Station by Gun Shot.
IV. Mr. and Mrs. Cary Jackson’s gr.f. SHINNING SILVER, by *Rise ’n Shine—Gloria Mac by Ironman Rogel. Champion.
1974 Judge: Lucien Laurin
I. Penelope-Ann Keating’s ch.c. COMMANDO RAID, by Jersey Legend—Miss Wembley by Old Rockport. Second: Foxleigh Farm’s b.c. ERIATSA (w), by Dancer’s Image—Rose by Sailor. Reserve champion.
II. Dr. and Mrs. William H. Wright’s ch.c. AMERIANGLE, by Quadrangle—Ameriturn by *Turn-to. Champion.
III. Carl Freeman and Dr. Roger Scullin’s ch.f. SWEET FAVORITE (w), by Bold Favorite—*Thespianess by Parthia.
IV. J.L. and W.G. Reynolds’ dk.b./br.f. GLENN’S GARDEN (w), by Barbizon—Dear Ethel by King Hairan.
1975 Judge: W.C. “Woody” Stephens
I. Dr. Charles I. Warfield’s b.c. SULEYMANIYE (w), by Hop Hop—Sharp Needle by Needles. Champion.
II. James B. Watriss’ b.c. PADDY’S TAXI, by Hill Rise—Irish Rule by Court Splendour.
III. Dr. John D. Gadd’s b.f. DARE ME TO, by Rollicking—Tobadare by *Elysium II. Reserve champion.
IV. Harry A. Love’s dk.b./br.f. SARA CREWE (w), by Naskra—Ruin by Sunrise County.
1976 Judge: LeRoy Jolley
I. Peyton S. Cochran Jr.’s ro.c. COLONEL SPECIAL, by Tinajero—Void by Jacinto. Champion.
II. Foxleigh Farm’s dk.b./br.c. GALLANT SWEED, by *Gallant Man—Pressured by *Tudor Minstrel. Reserve champion.
III. Sallie P. Robertson’s b.f. FULL OF GRACE, by Pro-Brandy—Seven Cents by Better Goods.
IV. Alfred G. Vanderbilt’s dk.b./br.f. QUICK GOOSE, by Assagai—Ducky by Bryan G.
1977 Judge: William H. "Billy" Turner Jr
I. Fendall M. Clagett’s ch.c. RUN CHAMP RUN, by Run Fool Run—Miseracordia by *Esmero. Champion.
II. Hunt View Farm’s ch.c. WILLIAM CURTIS (w), by Art Market—Ferry Point by *River War.
III. Dr. Charles I. Warfield’s b.f. IMPRESSIONISTIC (w), by Impressive—Magna Star by Pia Star.
IV. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. O’Donovan’s b.f. HOLY TARA, by *Amen II—Shawnee Rose by *Indian Chief II. Reserve champion.
1978 Judge: John M. Veitch
I. Shamrock Farm’s b.c. MICHAEL R. (w), by St. Bonaventure—Rita Marie by *Cavan.
II. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. O’Donovan’s ch.c. FOUR POINTS (w), by Quadrangle—Morning Kiss by Saggy. Reserve champion.
III. Fendall M. Clagett and Jeanne Begg’s dk.b./br.f. ROEDOWN LASS, by Ambernash—Pochette by Needles. Champion.
IV. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. O’Donovan’s b.f. I WISH I WISH (w), by Jacinto—Geometry by Quadrangle.
1979 Judge: Lee Eaton
I. Jeanne F. Begg and Fendall M. Clagett’s ch.c. LARKING’S RUN (w), by Run Fool Run—Curlpapers by Olden Times. Champion.
II. Gerald M. Cheevers’ ch.c. IN ALONE (w), by Raja Baba—Lady Fulcrum by Fulcrum.
III. Jeanne F. Begg and Fendall M. Clagett’s dk.b./br.f. FOOLETTE (sp), by Run Fool Run—Pochette by Needles.
IV. Preston I. Moffett’s b.f. SHAM BEE (w), by Sham—Babee by Jig Time. Reserve champion.
1980 Judge: John Williams
I. Chris E. Brown Jr.’s blk.c. SENSABLE PAPPA (w), by Sensatoll—To Pappa by *Pappa Fourway. Champion.
II. Marianne M. Smith’s ch.c. LE SAUTEUR (sw), by *Dirham—Hill’s Rhythm by Fountain Hill.
III. Aisquith Stables’ ch.f. IT’S NOT UNUSUAL (w), by Double Edge Sword—Flamingo Girl by Red Monk. Reserve champion.
IV. Frank A. Bonsal Jr.’s ch.f. SWATCH, by The Axe II—Double Damask by Damascus.
1981 Judge: Grover Greer  "Buddy" Delp
I. Main Spring Farm’s ch.c. MIRTHFUL FLIGHT, by North Flight—Marrakesh Express by Fast Hilarious. Reserve champion.
II. Frank A. Bonsal Jr.’s dk.b./br.c. LIVELY JACK, by Cyane—*Vit Reina by Vitelio.
III. Sally M. Gibson’s ch.f. ROAD TO MANDALAY, by Happy Way—Shining Malissa by Golden Ruler. Champion.
IV. John M. and Jeanne F. Begg and Mrs. Kenneth Edwards’ ch.f. ROYAL TANGO (w), by Princely Pleasure—Tango in Paris by Cyane.
1982 Judge: Danny Perlsweig
I. Marc D. Bowen’s b.c. ROLLICKING’S IMAGE (sp), by Rollicking—Glow of Dawn by Misty Flight. Reserve champion.
II. Karen Kandra’s ro.g. MY BRASS BUTTONS, by War Drums—Dark Scarf by Coat-of-Blue.
III. Hal C.B.Clagett’s b.f. ALDEN’S AMBITION (sw), by John Alden—Ambitious Ace by Bold Ambition. Champion.
IV. J. and E. Farm and Dick Jenkins’ ch.f. MRS. HALL (w), by Marco Ricci—Norio Date by Mandate.
1983 Judge: Stanley D. Petter Jr
I. Carol Swandby and James MacLeod’s b.c. PAPER CUT, by Double Edge Sword—Page of Love by Journalist. Champion.
II. Foxharbor Farm’s b.c. SO LONG, by Farewell Party—Straight Exhaust by Hasty Road.
III. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. McGinnes’ ch.f. GRIDLOCK, by Winged T.—Negation by Mongo. Reserve champion.
IV. Aisquith Stable’s ch.f. BEAUTIFUL SQUAWKER (w), by Track Reward—Flamingo Girl by Red Monk.
1984 Judge: Penny Chenery
I. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Menzies’ ch.c. NICATOR (w), by Damitrius—Haps Dancer by Fern Dancer. Champion.
II. Elry M. Groves’ ch.c. NATIVE DRUMS (w), by War Drums—Princess Be Quick by Princely Native.
III. Susan Doukas’ b.f. CHERRY FLOAT, by Rhone River—Priam Cherry by Jaradara. Second: Napton Hill Farm’s ch.f. CHILLY ATTITUDE (w), by Isella—Cool Valley by Miracle Hill. Reserve champion.
IV. Dorothy L. Regan’s b.f. C. B.’S THERAPY (w), by Next Frontier—Coin Brook by Lord Saybrook.
1985 Judge: Jack Van Berg
I. John M. and Jeanne F. Begg’s b.c. LUCKY EMPEROR, by King Emperor—Sonia Maria by What Luck. Reserve champion.
II. Fendall M. Clagett’s gr.c. ALAPAY (w), by I’m a Beam—Waverly Wafers by *Recupere.
III. Liberty Hill Farm’s ch.f. SECOND MARPHE (w), by North Tower—Tor’s Lib by Rungus. Champion.
IV. Patricia T. Baker’s b.f. TYSON’S BAMBI (w), by Real Emperor—Mac’s Marauder by Miles Tyson.
1986 Judges: Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Oare
I. Art Willson and Edward Horst’s ch.c. VALOR VICTORY (w), by Nomis—Chatapiece by Chateaugay. Champion.
II. Mrs. J.W.Y. Martin Jr.’s dk.b./br.c. LARKS DANCER (w), by Khatango—Lark’s Reward by Prince Blessed.
III. Frank A. Bonsal Jr.’s b.f. NINA GILL (sp), by Lord Gaylord—Lively Queen by Roberto. Reserve champion.
IV. Mr. and Mrs. Alan McDonald’s ro.f. PRINCESS LULUBELLE (w), by Leematt—Ultimate Display by Permian.
1987 Judge: Lee Eaton
I. Dumbarton Farm’s b.c. CELTIC CHOICE (w), by Caveat—Your My Choice by Barachois. Second: Harry H. Prentice’s dk.b./br.g. PENRAGE ROCK (w), by Rock Talk—Penrage Queen by Road At Sea. Reserve champion.
II. Welcome Here Farm’s b.c. FULL DUCK, by Full Out—Lovely Duckling by Quack.
III. Arthur J. Ward’s b.f. DAWNS A TEN, by Isella—Sea Front by Nade.
IV. James M. Bonner’s b.f. LAURA LIZ, by Trimlea—Freedom Light by Lord Date. Champion.
1988 Judge: Paul Paternostro
I. Lois S. Nervitt’s ch.c. SQUIRE SCHWARTZ, by Benefice—Forever Ingenue by Masked Dancer. Champion.
II. Mrs. Timothy J. Gardner’s b.c. JIM BANDI, by Rise Jim—Blue Bandi by *Ninfalo.
III. Dr. Stephen R. Matz’s b.f. SUGARCONE (w), by Lord Gaylord—Lachesis by Iron Ruler. Reserve champion.
IV. Peter Jay’s b.f. OH BE JOYFUL (w), by Khatango—Ziggy Again by *Zografos.
1989 Judge: Claude “Shug” McGaughey
I. Ross Valley Farm’s gr.c. ONE TWO PUNCH (w), by Two Punch—Stagey by Stage Door Johnny. Champion. Second: Dr. Stephen R. Matz’s ch.c. MR. SCOOTER (w), by Fuzzbuster—Impressive Drums, by Drum Fire. Reserve champion.
II. Mede Cahaba Stable & Stud’s ch.c. CLASS SECRET, by Secretariat—Class Wizard by *Mystic II.
III. Dark Hollow Farm’s b.f. TWISTED OPERTUNITY (w), by Allen’s Prospect—Tangled Miss by Spring Double.
IV. Mrs. Rose M. Estes’s dk.b./br.f. CALIEMPIRE (w), by Vast Empire—Callie Co Go by Buffalo Lark.
1990 Judge: Flint S. “Scotty” Schulhofer
I. Robert C. and Joy A. Moore’s ch.g. LOST BAGGAGE, by Pilot Ship—Return Flight by Limit to Reason. Champion.
II. Richard L. Golden’s b.c. CRUEL CAVALIER (sp), by Nasty and Bold—Algoma Gold by Silent Screen. Reserve champion.
III. Dr. Stephen R. Matz’s b.f. TRUMPHEARTS (w), by Rollicking—Impressive Drums by Drum Fire.
IV. Jeanne F. Begg’s b.f. SPORTIN’ NOTION, by Sportin’ Life—The Way We Were by Avatar.
1991 Judge: H. Allen Jerkens
I. Dr. Michael J. Harrison’s dk.b./br.c. EL EXPLORADOR, by Fuzzbuster—Eager Tessie by Eager Native. Champion. Second: Mr. and Mrs. Clifton V. Cornwell III’s dk.b./br.c. J. B. CHRIS (w), by Christopher R.—Shiroll by Rollicking. Reserve champion.
II. Solstice’s ch.g. ANNA’S HAWAII (sp), by *Hawaii—Red’s Irish by Irish Castle.
III. Country Life Farm’s dk.b./br.f. BLUE MOON NINETY (w), by Allen’s Prospect—Promenador by Cannonade.
IV. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Golden’s b.f. TANKS FOR LUNCH (w), by Tank’s Prospect—Chilly Hostess by Vice Regent.
1992 Judge: Carl Nafzger
I. Hal C.B. Clagett’s dk.b./br.c. RUN ALDEN (sw), by John Alden—Run Equine Run by Run Fool Run.
II. Robert T. Manfuso’s dk.b./br.c. COURT ESCORT (w), by Garthorn—Lady Darrington by Drone. Champion.
III. Francis P. Sears and S. Bonsal White’s b.f. PORTIA’S PLEA (w), by Deputed Testamony—Best o’ the West by Olympiad King.
IV. Katharine M. Voss and Robert T. Manfuso’s b.f. HILDA MAE (sp), by Well Decorated—Saucy n’ Classy by Sauce Boat. Reserve champion.
1993 Judge: Thomas J. Kelly
I. Jeanne F. Begg’s b.c. ROYAL SILVER (sp), by Silver Badge—Royal Tango by Princely Pleasure. Champion. Second: Mrs. J.W.Y. Martin Jr.’s dk.b./br.c. VENUS GENUS (sp), by Lord Gaylord—Raja’s Venus by Raja Baba. Reserve champion.
II. Katharine M. Voss and Robert T. Manfuso’s ch.c. Silver Crown (w), by Chromite—Saucy n’ Classy by Sauce Boat.
III. Kevin R. Kellar’s b.f. NEATLY (w), by Northern Raja—Greatly by King’s Bishop.
IV. Dan D. Westland’s dk.b./br.f. LEAHRA (w), by Cryptoclearance—Double Bunctious by Spring Double.
1994 Judge: William I. "Bill" Mott
I. S. Bonsal White’s dk.b./br.c. Sainted (w), by Hay Halo—Best o’ the West by Olympiad King. Reserve champion.
II. Michael P. Cataneo’s dk.b./br.c. NOTARO (sp), by Imperial Falcon—Spellcast by Fappiano.
III. Robert T. Manfuso’s dk.b./br.f. Gamblin Affair (w), by Hail Emperor—Litter by Palace Music. Champion.
IV. Manfuso Bros. Investments’s b.f. PROPER ANGEL (sw), by Proper Reality—His Angel by Hail Emperor.
1995 Judge: Nicholas “Nick” Zito
I. Brooke D. Gentner’s b.c. Eesee’s Dancer (w), by Dancing Count—Eesee’s Taw by Blues Parade.
II. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s b.c. Texas Oil (w), by Houston—Saucy n’ Classy by Sauce Boat. Reserve champion.
III. Colts, Ltd.’s dk.b./br.f. Earth to Jackie (sw), by Polish Numbers—Dame Avie by Lord Gaylord. Champion.
IV. Frank A. Bonsal Jr.’s b.f. Pretty Crafty (w), by Crafty Prospector—Polar Wind by Northern Jove.
1996 Judge: Kiaran McLaughlin
I. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Peddicord’s b.c. DREAM FOREST, by Baederwood—Reethia, by Friend’s Choice. Reserve champion.
II. C. Oliver Goldsmith’s ch.c. Talk Gold (w), by Mt. Livermore—Mymet, by Mehmet.
III. Richard C. Granville’s gr./ro.f. Northern Flair (sp), by Caveat—Northern Sting, by Northern Jove. Champion.
IV. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s ch.f. windscreen (w), by Pine Bluff—Failing Light, by Cyane.
1997 Judge: Frank Brothers
I. Robert T. Manfuso’s b.c. skunder’s wonder (w), by Waquoit—Playwithebigboys, by Time for a Change. Reserve champion.
II. Ronald G. and Shirley K. Lamb’s b.c. Piece of the Rock, by Rock Point—Ox Flight, by Oxford Flight.
III. Richard L. Golden’s gr./ro.f. Howell’s Hero, by Two Punch—Hero’s Hurrah, by Hero’s Honor. Champion.
IV. Robert T. Manfuso and Michael P. Cataneo’s b.f. Touring (w), by Cahill Road—Shine On Sarah, by Secreto.
1998 Judge: Neil Howard
I. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Townsend’s dk.b./br.c. CHICAGO CALLED, by Aaron’s Concorde—Medieval Moat, by Medieval Man. Champion.
II. Richard L. Golden’s gr./ro.c. polish missile (sp), by Polish Numbers—Set to Fly, by Relaunch.
III. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s ch.c. Toyo Tiger, by Lord At War (Arg)—
Rare Flight, by Rare Performer.
IV. Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Rogers Jr.’s b.f. citisweetheart, by Citidancer—Golden Triad, by Shelter Half.
V. Charles J. Reed’s b.f. OH SAY VICKI (sw), by Oh Say—Crooked Tower, by North Tower. Reserve champion.
VI. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s gr./ro.f. miss ruby anna (w), by Rubiano—Thor Baby, by Storm Bird.
1999 Judge: Patrick Byrne
I. Everett Ayers’s dk.b./br.c. QUEST OF FATE (sw), by Norquestor—Johnandjo, by Well Decorated. Reserve champion.
II. Bonita Farm, Joe Nicholson and George Nicholson’s dk.b./br.c. Bassous (w), by Valley Crossing—Nubile, by Sovereign Dancer.
III. Robert T. Manfuso’s ch.c. Charming Michael (w), by Boundary—Playwithebigboys, by Time for a Change. Champion.
IV. Ralph Comi’s ch.f. ANGELICA FACCI (w), by Itaka—Miss Jove, by Northern Jove.
V. Flag Rock LLP’s ch.f. Tinandrose (w), by Allen’s Prospect—Gala Runaway, by Runaway Groom.
VI. Mary E. Eppler’s b.f. Alyluck, by Alydeed—Miss Kokopelli, by Carr de Naskra.
2000 Judge: Robert Frankel
I. Charles J. Reed’s ch.c. Heavyweight Champ (sp), by Two Punch—Moments Delight, by General Assembly.
II. Glenn Stable’s b.c. Garden Walk, by Northern Raja—Garden Wall, by Lord Gaylord.
III. Bittersweet Farm’s dk.b./br.c. El Sereno (w), by Pioneering—Tough to Touch, by George Navonod.
IV. Mrs. J.W.Y. Martin Jr.’s b.f., Highmoor, by Northern Raja—Distant Purple, by Lord Gaylord.
V. Melissa Ann Tokarz’s ch.f. Ace Up Her Sleeve (w), by Eastover Court—Beware of the Ace, by Caveat. Champion.
VI. Robert T. Manfuso’s ch.f. Twice as Golden (w), by Gold Case—Golden Ode, by Opening Verse. Reserve champion.
2001 Judge: Linda Rice
I. Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Wright’s b.c. Artillery Man (w), by Carnivalay—Miss Rolla Punch, by Two Punch. Champion.
II. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Merryman and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kachel’s dk.b./br.c. 
Just a Chip (w), by Not For Love—Palisade Lady, by Grein­ton (GB). Reserve champion.
III. B. Wayne Hughes’s dk.b./br.c. Harkham Prince, by Joyeux Danseur—Tova’s Princess, by Wild Again.
IV. Barry R. and Jodi Swartz’s b.f. Cold Love, by Not For Love—Not So Cold, by Rollicking.
V. Rachel L. Rosa’s b.f. Riva Tango (w), by Wayne County (Ire)—Paris Tango, by Cure the Blues.
VI. Carol Ann Kaye-Garcia’s dk.b./br.f. Alpine Cat, by Forest Wildcat—Judge Supreme, by Big Burn.
2002 Judge: John Ward
I. Allen and Pam Garst’s b.c. Diamond Tip, by Diamond—Tippy, by Dancing Count.
II. Hindman Ltd. Partnership’s dk.b./br.c. Love Antics (sp), by Not For Love—Pot of Antics, by Anticipating.
III. Robert T. Manfuso’s dk.b./br.c. My Boy Roy (w), by Roy—Devil’s Miss, by Devil’s Bag. Reserve champion.
IV. Karen Dempsey’s gr./ro.f. Acting Op (w), by Ops Smile—Allepia, by Allen’s Pros­pect. Champion.
V. Bonita Farm’s b.f. Stone Fleet (w), by Swear by Dixie—Seven Paces, by Dancing Count.
VI. Dark Hollow Farm’s dk.b./br.f. Yingyingying (sp), by Horse Chestnut (SAf)—Clever Phrase, by Clever Trick.
2003 Judge: Barclay Tagg
I. Spring Meadow Farm’s dk.b./br.c. Declan’s Moon (Eclipse Award winner, sw), by Malibu Moon—Vee Vee Star, by Norquestor.
II. Iris A. Coggins’s b.c. Foxhall Keene (w), by Crowd Pleaser—Lady Wilhemina, by Vice Regent.
III. Bittersweet Farm’s dk.b./br.c. Icarus (w), by Tale of the Cat—Azusa, by Flying Paster. Reserve champion.
IV. Spring Meadow Farm’s dk.b./br.f. Katie’s Love (sw), by Not For Love—Fabulous Vee, by Somethingfabulous. Champion.
V. Michael Leach’s b.f. Saucon Sooz, by Partner’s Hero—I’ll Be Back, by Diablo.
VI. Bittersweet Farm’s dk.b./br.f. Thatswhatimean (sw), by Belong to Me—Lucinda K, by Red Ransom.
2004 Judge: Jonathan Sheppard
I. Marshall W. Silverman’s b.c. Grand Champion (sw), by Two Punch—Wise Baroness, by Wise Times. Champion.
II. A. Brice Ridgely’s dk.b./br.c. Dave’s Jet (w), by Unbridled Jet—Vee Vee Star, by Norquestor.
III. Phillip G. Tremper’s ch.c. Prince of Tricks (w), by Phone Trick—Medieval Princess, by Medieval Man.
IV. A. Brice Ridgely’s ch.f. Mojave Princess (w), by Mojave Moon—Phalarope, by Sitzmark. Reserve champion.
V. Kennard Warfield Jr.’s ch.f. In the Numbers, by Mojave Moon—Bet Numbers, by Polish Numbers.
VI. Robert T. Manfuso and Christopher Elser’s dk.b./br.f. Minnie Ball (w), by Brahms—Katerina’s Song, by Seattle Song.
2005 Judge: Ben Perkins Sr
I. Dark Hollow Farm and William Beatson’s dk.b./br.c. Lover Nekia (w), by Not For Love—Nin Two, by John Alden.
II. Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Wright’s ch.c. Proud Roman, by Not For Love—Fittingly Proud, by Fit to Fight.
III. Cary W. Jackson’s b.c. Bianchi’s Boy (sp), by Cryptoclearance—Lady Tiara, by Vice Regent. Champion.
IV. Edward E. Turner’s b.f. My Ellie Bean (w), by Allen’s Prospect—Passionately, by Diamond Shoal (GB).
V. Bittersweet Farm and T. Mason Grasty’s ch.f. HAND OF HOPE, by Two Punch—Smart Erin, by Smarten. Reserve champion.
VI. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Townsend and Gerald Townsend’s b.f. Rowdy Woman, by Fastness (Ire)—Salute and Run, by Salutely.
2006 Judge: Timothy F. Ritchey
I. Dark Hollow Farm’s b.c. Power in Truth (w), by Partner’s Hero—Kinlin, by Unbridled.
II. Cary W. Jackson’s b.c. by Louis Quatorze—Carna, by Dehere. Champion.
III. Dark Hollow Farm’s dk.b./br.c. Ready’s Image (sw), by More Than Ready—Clever Phrase, by Clever Trick.
IV. Shades of Purple Thoroughbreds’s ch.f. Somethingshesaid (w), by No Armistice—Say Becky, by Oh Say.
V. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s dk.b./br.f. S. L. Tompkins, by Not For Love—Baste, by Broad Brush.
VI. Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Wright’s b.f. Rosy Wreath (w), by Hennessy—Royal Feat, by Kingmambo. Reserve champion.
2007 Judge: Tom Albertrani
I. John Foster’s b.c. Rockin Road (w), by Rock Slide—Promenade Lane, by Woodman.
II. Cary W. Jackson’s ch.c. Mr. Indisputable, by Domestic Dispute—Lady Tiara, by Vice Regent. Reserve champion.
III. Peter and Ashley Schaeffer’s b.c. Karsons Chance, by Harbor Man—Duke’s Chance, by Proudest Duke. Champion.
IV. Rosalee C. Davison’s dk.b./br.f. Lion in the Sun (w), by Lion Hearted—Tamayo, by Tamayaz.
V. Michael J. Harrison’s ch.f. Level With Me (w), by Rock Slide—Hartbreak, by Fuzzbuster.
VI. Country Life Farm and Fifteen Moons LLC’s b.f. Fifteen Moons, by Malibu Moon—Prospective Joy, by Allen’s Prospect.
2008 Judge: Michael Trombetta
I. Muirfield Ventures’s dk.b./br.c. Coolheaded (w), 
by Bowman’s Band—Cool Number, by It’s Freezing.
II. Cary W. Jackson’s ch.c. Mine for Love (w), by Not For Love—Lady Tiara, 
by Vice Regent. Reserve champion.
III. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s dk.b./br.c. Brahms Concerto, 
by Brahms—Rare Flight, by Rare Performer.
IV. Dragon’s Lair Farm LLC’s ch.f. Strike a Blow Lass, by Domestic Dispute—Strikethegold Lass, by Strike the Gold. Champion.
V. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s b.f. Corbeau, by Dance With Ravens—Parlez, by French Deputy.
VI. Tuscany Farm LLC’s b.f. Patty’s Party Line, by Eavesdropper—Patelin Line, 
by Pleasant Line.
2009 Judge: Baden P. “Buzz” Chace
I. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s gr./ro.c. Captain Twitch (w), by Two Punch—Baste, by Broad Brush.
II. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s b.c. Mystical Terp (w), by Lion Hearted—Mystical Tap, by Pleasant Tap.
III. Dark Hollow Farm’s b.c. Maestro, by Malibu Moon—Kinlin, by Unbridled. Champion.
IV. Peter Fuller’s dk.b./br.f. Whatsnottolike (w), by Parker’s Storm Cat—Calling Fappiano, by Cryptoclearance.
V. Michael J. Harrison DVM’s b.f. Special Salute (w), by Rock Slide—Mark Me Special, by Haymaker.
VI. Dark Hollow Farm’s dk.b./br.f. Over the Moon (w), by Malibu Moon—
Clever Phrase, by Clever Trick. Reserve champion.
2010 Judge: Cary Frommer
I. Carol A. Kaye-Garcia’s b.c. RICHIESHAPPYNOTION (w), 
by Great Notion—Happy Sylvia, by King of Kings (Ire).
II. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Crane’s b.c. OUR TOP BANANA, by Not For Love—Hurricane Hazel, by Polish Numbers.
III. Cary W. Jackson’s ch.c. FURMAN BISHER (w), by Langfuhr—Millashand, by Regal Intention. Champion.
IV. Marilyn and George Doetsch’s dk.b./br.f. FRIDAYS GIFT (w), by Fantasticat—
Dingle Dandy, by Conquistador Cielo. Reserve champion.
V. Carol A. Kaye-Garcia’s dk.b./br.f. TWICE THE STORM, by Fantasticat—Love Me Twice, by Not For Love.
VI. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s ch.f. LOTOSBLUME (w), by Mr. Sekiguchi—Waltz, by Pleasant Tap.
2011 Judge: Russell B. Jones Jr
I. Estate of Cary W. Jackson’s b.c. BRAMWELL, 
by Dance With Ravens—Love the Dawn, by Not For Love.
II. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s b.c. DISTILLER (w), by Corinthian—Moonshine Run, by Go for Gin. Champion.
III. Margaret M. Crane’s ch.f. ANOTHERLOVEOFMINE, by Not For Love—Fastria, 
by Fast Play.
IV. Spring Meadow Farm’s dk.b./br.f. DELANEYS STAR (w), by Latent Heat—Vee Vee Star, 
by Norquestor. Reserve champion.
2012 Judge: Al Stall Jr
I. Carol A. Kaye’s b.c. PHLASH PHELPS (sw), by Great Notion—
Love Me Twice, by Not For Love. Reserve champion.
II. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s b.c. IDIOSYNCRATIC (w), 
by Thewayyouare—Tanca, by Polish Numbers. Champion.
III. Bill Shook’s dk.b./br.f. NICKYROCKSFORPOPS (w), by Rock Slide—Have­youheard, 
by Oh Say.
IV. Dark Hollow Farm’s ch.f. Bread and Butter (w), by Pure Prize—Bamba, 
by Not For Love.
2013 Judge: Kenny McPeek
I. Marshall W. Silverman’s b.c. UNCLE TITO (w), by Outflanker—Sultry Rendevous, by Sultry Song. Reserve champion.
II. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s ch.c. Luftwaffe, by Dunkirk—Tizabird, by Tiznow.
III. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s b.f. Sara Rocks (sw), by Rock Slide—Waltz, by Pleasant Tap.
IV. Sagamore Farm’s gr./ro.f. Findaway, by Macho Uno—Dicey D J, by Milwaukee Brew. Champion.
2014 Judge: Tony Dutrow
I. Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Harrison’s dk.b./br.c. JUST JACK (sw), 
by Great Notion—Mark Me Special, by Haymaker. Reserve champion.
II. Dark Hollow Farm’s dk.b./br.c. ACE JILJU, by Fairbanks—Silver Ashlee, by Red Bullet.
III. Country Life Farm and Fire Away LLC’s b.f. FRIESAN FLYER (w), by Friesan Fire—
Easy Mover, by Outflanker.
IV. Dark Hollow Farm’s b.f. CHERISHED PRIZE (w), by Pure Prize—He Loves Me, 
by Not For Love. Champion.
2015 Judge: Donato Lanni
I. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Bowman’s gr./ro.c. PENNYFORYRTHOUGHTS, by Street Magician—Indian Head Penny, by Waquoit.
II. Skeedattle Associates’s b.c. Rye Talking, by Broken Vow—Smooth Talking, 
by Dixie Union.
III. Bonita Farm’s dk.b./br.f. SOMMER SOMETHING (w), by Etched—Bay of Bengal, 
by Rakeen. Reserve champion.
IV. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s dk.b./br.f. WILD WADI, by E Dubai—
To Give, by Bluegrass Cat. Champion.
2016 Judge: John Servis
I. Dark Hollow Farm’s ch.c. HOT N SPICY LOVE, by Not For Love—Silver Ashlee, by Red Bullet.
II. R. Larry Johnson’s dk.b./br.c. OLDIES BUT GOODIES, by Maclean’s Music—Keeper Kell, by Two Punch. Reserve champion.
III. Glenangus Farm LLC’s b.f. EIFS, by Hunters Bay—Lady of Summer, by El Corredor.
IV. Sagamore Farm’s b.f. SOUTHAMPTON WAY, by Into Mischief—Roadtohanna, by Not For Love. Champion.
2017 Judge: Dale Romans
I. Hillwood Stables LLC’s dk.b./br.c. HELLO AMIGO, by Bankbox–Hello Now, by Tiznow.
II. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss’s b.c. NOBLE WAY (w) by Noble Mission (GB)–Island Bound, by Speightstown. Champion.
III. Bonita Farm’s gr./ro.f. SAY YES DI DI, by Mojave Moon–A Queen’s Smile, by Ops Smile.
IV. Robert T. Manfuso’s b.f. SALTWORKS, by Bullsbay–Sheave, by Mineshaft. Reserve Champion.
2018 Judge: Rick Violette
I. Lady Olivia at North Cliff LLC's b.c. WATCHTHEBOURBON, by Bourbon Courage-Uncanny Nikol, by Outflanker.
II. Robert T. Manfuso's b.c. JOEY FLASH, by Fed Biz-Proficient, by Elusive Quality. Champion.
III. Hillwood Stables' gr./ro.f. BE GOOD (w), by Bandbox-Dearie Be Good, by Scrimshaw. Reserve Champion.
IV. Dark Hollow Farm's dk.b/br.f. PROJECT WHISKEY (sw), by Tapizar-Over the Moon, by Malibu Moon.
2019 Judge: Michael Stidham
I. Hillwood Stables' gr./ro.c DREAM BIG DREAMS (w), by Bandbox-Buffgirl, by Quiet American. Reserve Champion.
II. Robert T. Manfuso's ch.c. JERRY'S TURN, by Girolamo-Get Set Go, by More Than Ready.
III. Finn's Nickel LLC and Copper Penny Stales b.f. HALF HAMMERED (w), by Bourbon Courage-Angel Park, by Blame.
IV. Robert T. Manfuso and Katharine M. Voss' b.f. LULU'S IN CHARGE, by Midshipman-Lemons and Limes, by Lemon Drop Kid. Champion.
2020 Judge: Michael Matz
I. R. Larry Johnson's b.c. WHENIGETOHEAVEN (w), by Street Magician-Heaven Knows What, by Holy Bull. Reserve Champion.
II. Dark Hollow Farm, Dorsey Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Davidov, and Mr. and Mrs. David Schwarber's b.c. CARNEGIE HALL, by Maclean's Music-Dream, by Malibu Moon.
III. R. Larry Johnson's ch.f. FASHIONISTA, by Street Magician-A Lover's Question, by Spring At Last.
IV. GreenMount Farm's b.f. WHERE'S BRIDGIT, by Bernardini-Mystic Love, by Not For Love. Champion.
2021 Judge: Gary Contessa
I. Country Life Farm and Keep Right LLC's b.c. PAY ZONE, by Mosler-Keep Right, by Street Cry.
II. Dark Hollow Farm's b.c. LAPINSKI UNION, by Union Rags-Safe Journey, by Flatter.
III. Hillwood Stable LLC's dk.b/br.f. DEARLY, by Great Notion-Dearie Be Good, by Scrimshaw. Reseve Champion.
IV. Katharine M. Voss's dk.b/br. f EXHALATION. by Street Sense-Belterra, by Unbridled. Champion. 
2022 Judge: Jonathan Thomas
I. Hillwood Stable LLC's gr./ro. c. THE BAND RUNS ON, by Bandbox-Dearie Be Good, by Scrimshaw. Champion.
II. Dark Hollow Farm's b.c. IIEQL, by City of Light-Joy, by Pure Prize.
III. Katharine M. Voss's b.f. FRAPPART, by Force the Pass-Corbeau, by Dance With Ravens. Reserve Champion.
IV. Dark Hollow Farm, Dorsey Brown, Mr. and Mrs. A Davidov, and Mr. and Mrs. D. Schwaber's dk.b/br. f. DESTINATION, by Liam's Map-Caught Dream'n, by Blame.
2023 Judge: Ned Allard
I. Ann B. Jackson's ch.c. by Holy Boss-Barouchka, by Not For Love. Reserve Champion.
II. Dark Hollow Farm's dk.b./br.c. by Honor A.P.-Flit, by Not For Love. Champion.
III. Dark Hollow Farm's b.f. by Golden Lad-Dare to Be, by Successful Appeal.
IV. Alison P. Delgado's dk.b./br. f. by Exaggerator-High Tolerance, by Louis Quatorze. 

*Imported (w)—winner (sw)—stakes winner (sp)—stakes-placed