Maryland-bred Fund Stallion bonuses are generated by registered Maryland-bred offspring every time they win races in the state. However, no bonus will be paid unless the stallion is properly registered as a Maryland stallion each year with the MHBA. Stallions must be registered with MHBA each year, prior to progeny racing. The registration fee is $250 and must be renewed annually.

Registration should be made when the stallion's first foals reach racing age.

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Requirements for Registration of a Maryland stallion: Rewards to Breeders — Maryland-Bred Rules
A. For the purposes of this regulation:
(3) A Maryland stallion is a stallion that is:

(a) In Maryland for at least one full breeding season, which begins on February 15 and ends after July 15 of each year; or

(b) Brought into Maryland subsequent to the start of the breeding season and approved as a Maryland stallion by the Registration Committee of the Maryland Horse Breeders Association;

(4) The owner of Maryland stallion qualifies for a stallion owner award if:

(a) The person was the owner at the time that a registered Maryland-bred sired by the stallion was conceived and the conception occurred during the Maryland breeding season as described in §A(3)(a) of this regulation; and

(b) The stallion is registered annually with the Maryland Horse Breeders Association.Although registration may be made at any time, no bonus will be paid on any race unless the stallion was registered prior to the running of said race. Registration is effective when fee in received, not when post marked.

If the stallion died, retired from active duty, or left the state after July 15, 2004, he should be kept eligible for stallion bonuses by payment of the proper fee until his Maryland-conceived foals cease to race.

Please contact our registrar if you have questions.