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IMPORTANT: Updates to Maryland-bred registration/MHBA membership
1. If you are not a current member of the Maryland Horse Breeders Association, the registration fee for your first foal/horse annually will now include the $200 Breeder/Owner membership dues. (After the first registration fee you will then be a member and qualify for the Member registration fee). If you already a Breeder/Owner member there will be no change. This is to ensure that all breeder/owners who register their Maryland-Bred foals/horses with the MHBA stay informed of important deadlines and upcoming events, in addition to qualifying for many other discounts and benefits.

2. New Managing Breeder Form. In the case of partnerships, LLCs and/or other entities with multiple names listed as Breeder of Record with The Jockey Club, the Maryland Horse Breeders Association (MHBA) will now require one individual per foal/horse to be designated as the Managing Breeder. A Managing Breeder form will need to be submitted from each person listed as Breeder of Record, including all those in partnerships, authorizing the registered horse’s designated Managing Breeder. The forms must be signed, dated, have a public notary stamp and be on file with the MHBA before any bonus/award checks are sent to the designated Managing Breeder. The designated Managing Breeder will be responsible for dispersing any bonuses/awards earned by horses listed on that form.

Download and print the Managing Breeder Form here.

Updates to Maryland-Bred Certificates
The Maryland Horse Breeders Association will no longer be sending hard copy Maryland-Bred Certificates for horses foaled in 2018 or after. In place of the hard copy certificate, a Registered Maryland-Bred credential will be assigned to the foal's digital Jockey Club papers on registry.jockeyclub.com.

Any horse foaled in 2017 or before will still receive a hard copy Maryland-Bred Certificate to attach to their Jockey Club papers.

Any horse foaled in 2018 or later, whose Jockey Club registration is pending, may verify Maryland-Bred Registration in the searchable Maryland-Bred Database.

Contact us at 410-252-2100 or registrar@marylandthoroughbred.com with questions.


*All registration fees include a $25 contribution to the MHBA AFTERCARE FUND


The breeder of record with the MHBA must be the same as the breeder of record with The Jockey Club. Upon the advice of legal counsel, any bonus payments based upon this registration application will be made to the individual or entity whose social security number or tax identification number is provided herein and sent by ordinary mail to the indicated address.


For tax purposes, if there are multiple names/entities listed as breeder of record, the social security number or tax identification number must correspond to the first name that is listed above. A 1099 will be issued in this individual/entity's name at year end.


If your foal was dropped in Maryland, it is a Maryland-bred by the Jockey Club definition and MAY BE ELIGIBLE to be registered as a Maryland-bred for the Maryland Fund bonus program.

See Registration Requirements here.

Download and print a Maryland-bred Registration form here.

Type of Registration
Weanling/Yearling (Member) (100)
Weanling/Yearling (Non-Member) (300)
Yearling (After May 31) & Older (Member) (275)
Yearling (After May 31) & Older (Non-Member) (475)
MHBA Breeder/Owner Number
Is this horse racing today?
Date Foaled
Name (if applicable)
Jockey Club Number
Is this horse entered in a future sale? If so, please indicate which sale.
Farm where foal was dropped:
Foaling City (MD)
Mare bred back to:
Breeder of Record with The Jockey Club
Is breeder a full-time Maryland resident?
Does Breeder keep breeding stock in Maryland continually?
Farm where Breeder maintains breeding stock:
Farm Address
Maryland-bred Race Fund Bonus Payment Information: Individual, Entity or Managing Breeder:
MHBA Member Number (if available)
S.S. # or T.I.N.
Street or Box
Your submission of this form confirms that you are the breeder, owner, or authorized agent and agree to the Registration Requirements.
I am the Breeder, Owner, or Authorized Agent and agree to the Registration Requirements. (0)
I am aware of the new Managing Breeder form required for partnershi-ps, LLCs and/or other entities with multiple names listed as Breeder of Record with The Jockey Club. See #2 on Md-bred registration web page for details.
I have read and understand the Managing Breeder disclaimer above. (0)
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